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CHIESA Project Coffee Consultancy Job Opportunity

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terms of Reference

Objectives of the consultancy

The consultancy is being offered to assist the CHIESA project in achieving its goals of filling critical gaps in knowledge related to climate and land change impacts on ecosystem services, and developing adaptation strategies for the effects by building the capacity of local research and administrative organisations through research, training and information dissemination.

The consultant will be expected to take charge of the coffee component of the project under Work Package (WP) 5 and activities as contained in the updated version of the project document that followed approval of the Supervisory Board meeting of 24 August 2011.

Duties of the Consultant

The general duties will include:
  • Compiling and digitising available historical data on coffee pests and diseases and natural enemies/antagonists of coffee pests in project target sites in Tanzania and Ethiopia.
  • Collecting and documenting key data on coffee pests and diseases and the natural enemy/antagonist composition, distribution, abundance and damage on coffee, and assess their interactions.
  • Elucidating hosts and habitat utilisation patterns of key coffee pests and diseases, and coffee pests’ natural enemies/antagonists.
  • Documenting historical and present weather parameter datasets for target coffee production areas.
  • Studying the eco-physiological and reproductive responses of target pests and diseases and the coffee pests’ natural enemies/antagonists to climate change through life table studies, and then developing appropriate predictive models for the target sites.
  • Building capacity of both men/women for research in functional ecosystem services in selected African institutions through advanced level trainings at PhD level, and group training of NARS and growers.
  • Producing scientific peer-reviewed publications on the effects of climate change on insect pests and diseases separately, and joint scientific publications for adaptation strategies for coffee cultivation.
Specific details of the work plan for the activities will be developed and agreed jointly with the other members of WP 5, and amended as forthcoming results may dictate, with the WP Leader.

Disbursement of funds

The amount to be contributed by CHIESA pursuant to the duties outlined above shall be disbursed to the Consultant on an annual basis based on WP 5 budget developed jointly with the team members.


The Consultant shall submit to the WP 5 Leader a progress report on an annual basis based on the agreed work plan by the WP5 team members. Two separate reports, one for insect pests and another for diseases must be compiled and submitted.

Similarly, a final report indicating climate change adaptation strategies for coffee cultivation including diseases and insect pests management options shall be submitted to the WP 5 Leader upon completion of the Project.

In the event of an extension of this contract, necessary modifications shall be made as to the Consultant's obligation in respect to the final report.

Payment arrangements

It is anticipated that the consultancy may involve several trips to Tanzania and Ethiopia.

These trip costs, as well as other operational expenses relevant to this contract (including the honorarium and medical insurance), as appropriate, are included in the mutually agreed monthly payment, as specified in the budget and contract.

Duration of the Consultancy

The Consultancy position shall commence as soon as a suitable candidate has been identified and shall extend for a period of two years. It may be renewed for a further period of two years or more following satisfactory performance.

Applications will be accepted up to 5 November 2011.

Only applications of shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged.

Please send an application with current remuneration package, and a detailed CV with names and addresses of 3 referees (including e-mail addresses) to:

The Human Resources Department
icipe - African Insect Science for Food and Health
P.O. Box 30772-00100

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