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Uwazi-Twaweza Lead Analyst Job

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uwazi, is a semi-independent component of Twaweza(, an East Africa wide initiative to foster access to information, citizen agency and improvements in public service delivery.

Uwazi collects new and existing data in order to create exciting products that inform citizens, newspapers and parliamentarians. Uwazi aims to enhance transparency and public accountability by making existing data more accessible and informative.

For its work in Kenya, Uwazi is looking for a highly skilled and motivated analyst.

The analyst is expected to:
• Manage the Wananchi Survey. This survey is a unique combination of a representative baseline survey with weekly additional data collection using mobile phones. The Wananchi survey allows for weekly opinion polling and high frequency monitoring of public services. Managing the Wananchi survey entails identifying questions for the following week’s data collection, supervision and quality control of ongoing data collection (outsourced to a firm), preparing a report on data collected the previous week and disseminating this information through the Uwazi website and media.
• Prepare information products, briefs, league tables, website contributions, and newspaper articles.
• Oversee the generation of regular Uwazi products such as the Did you knows, The Auditor General Speaks etc;
• Supervise interns and consultants
• Support Twaweza partnerships (such as Uwezo) with analytical work;

For this job Uwazi is looking for a motivated person who:
• Is able to carry out original analyses using micro-data sets;
• Can write well, in English as well as (preferably) in Kiswahili;
• Is able to present a complicated argument in understandable, accessible and compelling manner;
• Has a good sense of graphics and their uses;
• Is able to design and supervise data collection;
• Is able to work independently;
• Understands the ongoing policy debate and is able to respond to it and design information products around it.
• PhD in economics or social sciences preferred; at least Masters required with 5 years of work experience;
• Extensive knowledge of micro-data and empirical analyses (including packages like STATA or SPSS), evidenced, preferably by publications in refereed journals and/or books, reports or brochures;
• Good grasp of practicalities of implementing household surveys;
• Ability to write well in English as well as Kiswahili.
• Good contacts with media, a firm understanding of modern technologies for information collection and dissemination (mobile phones, web 2.0) and experience with information design are a plus.
• The lead analyst reports to the Uwazi Manager.
• The Kenya Lead Analyst is housed by Twaweza.

All candidates are encouraged to consider the Uwazi website ( to familiarize themselves with the type of products Uwazi prepares.

To apply

To apply write an email to, explaining why you are interested in the position. Attach to the email your cv and an example of your work.

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