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Tangazoletu Project Manager Job Vacancy

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Department: Technical

Post: Software Project Manager

Reporting to: Technical Director

Starting: Immediate

The Project Manager shall be responsible for management of projects, their execution and workflow within the organization.

The project manager shall also, in his personal capacity as a software engineer, maintain existing as well as come up with (develop) software solutions / products for the company’s consumption as well as that of the company’s clients.

The ability to ensure smooth project workflow from inception to completion and hence performance of project team shall form the benchmark for evaluation of the project manager.

The Post holder will report to the Technical director with the progress of both his and the project team’s activities and the situation on the ground with relation to the business - client relationship and achievement of set targets.

Please see for the company’s description.

Duties and Responsibilities
• To engage in actual programming tasks and program (write Code) according to specifications and come up with deliverables within given time deadlines and resource constraints when required to
• To create and execute project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing software needs and requirements.
• To Identify resources needed and assign individual responsibilities to self and project team
• To manage day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope
• To review deliverables prepared by team and conduct quality control and analysis before passing to client
• To manage project workflow and ensure that projects are implement/rolled out in the best way possible with prudence and minimization of waste of project resources being key objectives
• To ensure highest quality standards are maintained within the project work flow and the in deliverables
• To ensure speedy / timely completion and delivery of project’s deliverables
• To document all project workflows and deliverables for easier follow up, coordination, maintenance and support
• To design, develop and implement sound programmatic solutions to clients with no supervision
• To install, configure, set up systems at client’s sites and to offer support to clients on matters that concern the products offered to them
• To make use of project management skills to manage a team of developers and be responsible for their performance
• To be a solution provider to clients when they require service and software related solutions and products
• To be accountable, committed and result oriented as far as giving service to clients is concerned as well as ensuring customer satisfaction
• Organize, oversee and conduct regular project meetings with project staff, assign tasks to staff, oversee their execution, assist staff and report to the management with the progress and overall performance of the team

Essential Qualities
• Human and project organization and management skills
• Evidence of experience in a similar position
• Desktop and web developer with the following skills:
1. ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, Java, (Ajax or JavaScript)
• Database platforms
1. SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, Sybase, FoxPro
• Evidence of past experience (at least 2 years) working with the above mentioned technologies
• A practical programmatic test shall be given to candidates to evaluate competence
• Experience in using web publishing and content management tools e.g. Dreamweaver, Joomla, etc to come up with websites that can be commercialized
• Excellent team player and willingness both to take direction and use own initiative as appropriate
• Desire to learn new technologies and keep up with technology
• Ability to speedily adapt to new and any technology with regard to programs and programming as a whole
• Ability to communicate clearly within team, with management and with clients on relevant subjects of the tasks undertaken

Desirable Qualities
• Evidence of working in similar position with similar responsibilities
• Course in project management
• Good human interaction and interpersonal skills
• Other programming languages and tools e.g. PHP, J2ME, LINQ, XML
• Experience with RAD tools and MVC frameworks e.g. Telerik, CakePhp, .NET MVC, etc
• Experience with financial management software and financial accounting packages
• Graphic design skills (Photoshop, illustrator, Fireworks, etc

Person Specifications
• Hard working
• Honest
• Capable of working under pressure
• Committed
• Accountable
• Experienced
• Project management
• Desire to learn new technologies and keep up with technology

Applications should be strictly on email to addressed to the Administration Manager.

Closing date: Feb 18 2010

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