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TradeMark East Africa Procurement Officer Job Vacancy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corporate Services Team

Job Description for Procurement Officer Position

Grade: Officer

Reporting to: Procurement and Administration Manager

Line Manager for: Procurement Assistant (Grade: Assistant)

Overall role: Manage on all aspects of TMEA’s country programme procurement which encapsulates integrity and probity, ensuring that all activities are within respective country Business Plan limits.

Role and Responsibilities

1. Information remit
• oversee maintenance and updating of the Register of contracts;
• preparation and drafting of financial information throughout the year as required;
• drafting procurement input into the Corporate Services Monthly Report;
• ensure regular sharing of information between all Procurement team members.

2. Procurement remit
• familiarisation with all projects across all 5 country programmes plus Arusha;
• extrapolate information from Business Plans and discussions with teams to come up with a Procurement Plan, which sets priorities for the Procurement team;
• ensure that all terms of reference are in the TMEA format and are unambiguous;
• providing appropriate procurement input at all stages of project cycle management, especially at initial design stage;
• provide a challenge function to teams where sourcing of goods or services is not done competitively and the reason for not doing so do not appear to be sound;
• assist the Procurement and Administration Manager with all tender processes;
• assist the Procurement and Administration Manager with exercises that seek to shortlist/ pre-qualify consultants/ consultancy companies to provide services for TMEA on a call-down basis;
• facilitating the engagement of external consultants, starting from initial contact to negotiations and issuance of contracts;
• assist teams in monitoring performance by consultants/ companies, reviewing receipt of reports and assisting teams in quality control;
• monitoring invoices to ensure they comply with the contracts, have appropriate TMEA approval for payment and ensuring payments are made within deadlines;
• implement a system to ensure double payments of invoices do not happen;
• ensure that all contract amendments are issued on time;
• respond to queries, either from TMEA teams or external teams on time; and
• contribute to success stories or other communications that seek to highlight the positive impact of TMEA procurement operations.

3. Line Management Responsibilities
• Mentor and coach the Procurement Assistant, ensuring that s/he always has the necessary information to discharge her/ his duties. Any burning issues should be brought to the Procurement and Administration Manager’s attention immediately.

4. Personal development
• Developing and applying a comprehensive knowledge of relevant TMEA procedures as set out in the Policy and Procedures Manual, through formal and on the job training under the direction of the Procurement and Administration Manager. S/he will provide similar management and training to Procurement Assistant.

5. Competence and expertise

The ideal candidate will hold a degree in a relevant procurement discipline with at least five (5) years of proven experience preferably within East Africa and be able to demonstrate:
• Knowledge of procurement in both the public and private sectors
• Evidence of contracts managed which had the desired outcomes
• Influencing, networking and building sound personal relationships
• Excellent IT skills including data base management, excel, internet use

The ideal candidate will be highly skilled and motivated, be able to prioritise and perform under minimal supervision and consistently produce work of a high standard.

6. Timeframe

The contract is expected to run for 4 years, which includes an initial probation period of 6 months.

Email is:

The deadline for application is Friday January 28, 2011 at 5pm

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