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KEMRI Cluster Data Manager Job in Kilifi Kenya

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reference Number: SDM-01-11

Category: Statistics and Data Management

Salary: 90,603 to 146,659

Grade: 5.1 to 5.15

Location: Kilifi

Country: Kenya


Acting as an overall data manager and systems analyst for the Cluster, the position holder will work on a variety of projects and to provide supervision to the data management team in the Department.

The position holder will also have primary responsibility for the data management for the vaccine safety (VAEIK*) study.

Reporting Lines: Cluster Manager/Study PI

Job Dimensions:

The post holder working with the Cluster team, the position holder will be expected to interact and work closely with Programmers in the ICT section, all data managers in the cluster and other internal and external stakeholders. Internally, these include: Clinical Services and the Microbiology Laboratory; externally, these include staff from Ministry of Health, the Department of Vaccines at the World Health Organization, the study funders (GAVI Alliance and the Pneumococcal ADIP), and representatives of the community and district administration at study sites.

Key Responsibilities:
• Obtaining user needs, interpreting and articulating cluster requirements to ICT
• Preparing, updating and documenting systems requirements; overseeing design of data capturing systems and formulation of reports
• Developing systems, QCs and tools for collecting, entering, editing, cleaning, storing, validation, archiving, retrieving, organizing, and transferring of data; and carrying out data review, validation and report generation of all records generated from the database.
• Assisting with development of screening logs and case report forms.
• Conducting recurrent information queries and baseline statistical analyses and report results generated by study sites according to the project specification
• Developing and implementing processes and procedures for data management and movement.
• Implementing and enforcing regular data security activities such as storage, backups, archiving and user administration and resolving queries that arise
• Liaising closely with programmers to create databases, and to test and implement the various case report forms as per the project requirements.
• Providing a link between ICT and the cluster study teams and data managers
• Overall responsible for training, supervising and managing the Cluster’s data management and processing teams and monitoring their performance.
• Documenting system and data management procedures and processes in a manual and updating them periodically
• Performing other duties as assigned from time to time
• VAEIK specific duties include:

1. planning acquisition of data on vaccine safety outcomes at vaccine clinics and at Kilifi district hospital
2. Overseeing data acquisition in multiple sites
3. Cleaning, checking and validating vaccine monitoring and vaccine safety data
4. Collating data from diverse sources to create analytic tables
5. Doing basic statistical analysis of vaccine safety data to test quality and consistency
6. Forwarding data in a standard format to the Project Manager (in Nairobi) on a monthly basis
7. Producing quarterly reports of the data acquisition process for the Principal Investigator
8. Liaising with the project statistician to supply data for a variety of different analyses
9. Any other duties as assigned by the principal investigator

Qualification and Experience:
• A Masters Degree in Data/Information Management, System Analysis or equivalent. Demonstrated competence in health information management and statistical analysis with at least three years experience in a similar position in a research or health institution.

Skills and Competence:
• Excellent skills in systems analysis, data management, database design and structures
• Excellent computing skills, including statistical packages (STATA) and MS-Office
• Ability to handle large databases and troubleshoot issues involving complex data integration
• Attention to fine details and excellent analytical skills
• Good organisational and communication skills
• Ability to work independently and to achieve results through teams
• Business analysis and basic SQL skills

How to apply

Visit KEMRI career site here to apply

Candidates must supply an email and telephone contact that will be used when offering interviews. The application closing date is 4th February 2011.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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