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Merlin Nutrition Officer and PHC Supervisor Jobs in Southern Sudan

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Merlin (UK) an International Non-Governmental Organization specializing in the provision of health care worldwide is looking for qualified individuals to fill the following positions

1. Nutrition Officer

The Nutrition Officer will be responsible for the implementation and close supervision of project activities to ensure quality delivery of services throughout Merlin’s implementing sites

Key responsibilities:
• Support planning, implementation and supervision of HFs and HPs staffs in order to implement community based nutrition programs in all Merlin supported sites.
• Coordinate with other project supervisors to ensure appropriate referral and follow up of patients admitted to nutrition programme
• Closely follow national nutritional and CMAM guidelines and ensure they are adhered to by staff
• Identify and report immediately any medical or administrative problems that may interfere in achieving project activities.
• Prepare accurate and timely monthly nutrition reports with meaningful analysis of nutrition trends and proposed solutions for how to address emerging issues
• Support the Nutrition Coordinator in the development of IEC materials related to nutrition
• Support field sites with the organization of the logistics of food commodities in collaboration with partners (MOPH, WFP and UNICEF)
• Produce a regular request for appropriate office/administrative or programme materials, supplies and equipment in coordination with the Logistics Officer
• Ensure that accurate records of food consumption are kept and the support office is advised of stock balances in a timely manner (to avoid stock-outs)
• Ensure the maintenance of the nutrition programme database
• Assist in the preparation and implementation of nutrition surveys when required
• Assist in conducting needs assessments, community mapping, research and development of proposals through frequent field visits
• Identify any training needs of staff and develop training programme to meet these needs in coordination with Nutrition Coordinator
• Assist and conduct training for Merlin South Sudan health facilities and HPs and to ensure surveillance, management and referrals of malnutrition cases in the state /county
• Meet regularly with beneficiaries, community leaders, Village Health committees to ensure programme effectiveness and community awareness on nutrition
• Represent Merlin in coordination meetings at provincial level when required
• Liaise with Nutrition Project Officers in Merlin’s other provinces to share experiences and lessons learnt.
• Any other duties as directed by Nutrition Coordinator or Country Health Director.

Minimum Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Nursing , Food & Nutrition or equivalent;
• Minimum two (2) years work experience in community nutrition work and implementation of nutrition education programmes, including monitoring and evaluation;
• Understanding of community management of acute malnutrition;
• Experience in KAP assessments and formative research and understanding of nutritional surveillance and information systems;
• Proven capacity to supervise, train and coach local staff and community workers;
• Must be a qualified nutritionist with IYCF experience.
• Southern Sudanese are strongly encouraged to apply

2. PHC Supervisor

The PHC Supervisor will be based in Boma with regular visits to field sites to ensure delivery of PHC services in collaboration with the Senior Health Coordinator, the Project Coordinator and the County Health Authorities.

The delivery of health services is conducted according to GOSS MOH policies and guidelines and Merlin’s internal procedures.

Key Responsibilities
• In collaboration with Project Coordinator, Senior Health coordinator and Community leaders /Community Health Committee facilitate , supervise establishment of referral system for all cases to the Boma PHCC+
• Support Merlin’s primary health care activities for delivery of essential curative and preventive healthcare interventions
• Develop, plan and implement project primary health care programs in close collaboration with medical and non-medical personnel, ensuring coherence between activities and contingencies for changes in project direction and priorities related to the humanitarian context.
• Work with County Health Department (CHD),Community Health Committees (CHCs) and Community Health Workers to render quality healthcare and preventive services in the Merlin supported PHC facilities and catchment community
• Ensure adequate supply of essential drugs, diagnostics and other consumables to the PHCUs and the HHPs
• Ensure regular supportive supervision of health activities at the PHCUs; Emphasis includes correct diagnosis and case management according to MOH protocols.
• Identify training needs and develop training modules in consultation with the Senior Health Coordinator
• Ensure that the staffs are trained on the job regularly and their skills are improved appropriately
• In collaboration with the Merlin PHC Nurse, ensure that the TBA/TM network and referral is fully functional
• Conduct and supervise training activities of CHVs/HHPs, clinic staff, TBAs/TMs, Community Health Committees (CHCs), Community Health Workers in coordination with PHC Nurse
• Conduct routine and mobile integrated outreach and health promotion activities
• Conducting/organizing Training of Trainers on targeted disease control approach including follow up after training
• Represent Merlin, collaborate and coordinate with county health department and other partners at county level for project activities
• Participate in drawing up plans, and contribute to proposals and budgets for new projects/extensions of projects in conjunction with the relevant colleagues
• Proactively contribute to programme development and strategy
• Support quality referral system from Merlin supported PHC facilities to secondary care facilities
• Ensure rational use and management of drugs, medical supplies and equipment and adherence to treatment protocols are maintained in all PHC facilities
• Support CHD in planning for joint PHC supportive supervisory visits schedules for continued monitoring and evaluation of the programme
• Ensure that Expanded Program on Immunization is efficiently managed at each PHC level
• Assist in the planning and implementation of mass immunisation campaigns in the respective community where necessary.
• Ensure that HIV&AIDS, Reproductive health and Nutrition crosscutting activities are appropriately integrated in the PHC facilities and ensure accurate communication with the Merlin coordinators concerned
• Perform any other duty as may be assigned by the Senior Health Co-ordinator and Project Coordinator
• Provide technical support to the PHCU and PHCC staffs including participation in evaluation and impact analysis of current projects
• Quality control of medical logistics with logisticians on the project
• Responsible for timely preparation and approval of all medical supply requests for the health facilities and HHP
• Co-ordination and support of medical staff members
Monitoring & Evaluation
• Ensure the use of established reporting framework for data collection, analysis and report to partners including GOSS MOH and other agencies
• Collecting and collating monthly and periodic activity reports for the project
• Constant assessment of the medical needs of the community and guiding of activities to respond to their needs
• Prepare monthly medical activity reports including data analysis, for inclusion in the monthly situation report
• Together with the Senior Health Coordinator, responsible for encouraging community participation in health activities, to ensure the long term ownership and effectiveness of the programme
• Monitor the quality of the service delivery at PHCU and community level
• Monitor drug utilization and ordering of drugs and ensure their rational use during consultations and that the utilization of drugs correlates to epidemiological reports.
• Participate in monitoring of health and humanitarian situation in the project area and in developing appropriate EP & R in collaboration with the Senior Health Coordinator and Project coordinator.
• Support the Data Officer in accurate data collection, disease surveillance and analysis from all peripheral project sites on a monthly basis and in accordance to the MoH requirements
• Ensure HIS is maintained in all PHCUs and capacity building in this area is implemented
• Ensure routine and timely collection of surveillance data to allow for timely warning of potential outbreaks of disease to local and national MoH
• Collaborate with Merlin Senior Health Coordinator and counterpart staff for data collection, analysis and report writing on a monthly and Quarterly basis
• Ensure use of established reporting frames for data collection, analysis and report for the Ministry of Health, Donors and other partners
• Ensure all stakeholders receive accurate and timely morbidity statistics

Minimum Requirements:
• Health professional with strong Public health experience background (Registered nurse/midwife, Clinical Officer or other health professional with experience in implementation of community based primary health care and health education programs)
• Experience in setting up and implementing primary health care programs
• Experience in conduction of basic surveys
• Excellent management and professional skills to enable the motivation, encouragement and participation of national health team members
• Ability and flexibility to understand the cultural and political environment and to work well with local health representatives.
• Good interpersonal capacities, organization skills and ability to work with a team while developing and implementing programs.
• Ability to assess evolving health needs quickly and calmly under pressure as required.
• Excellent communication skills, with good spoken and written English
• Good computer skills to allow reporting, data entry and analysis and representation (Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint).
• Field experience with NGOs in developing countries-An added advantage.
• Sensitivity to the cultural & political environment, and ability to learn about these in the context of South Sudan
• Ability to work and live under stressful circumstances
• Southern Sudanese are strongly encouraged to apply

Closing date for receipt of application will be 10th March 2011.

Applications should be sent to

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. Due to the urgency of this position, applications will be short-listed on a regular basis.

The Merlin South Sudan Programme is an equal opportunities employer and will not discriminate on the basis of tribe, gender, race, creed, religion, pregnancy and colour.

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